Designers & Builders of special purpose equipment for industry

Our Expertise

3D Solid Modelling

We use the 3D mechanical design software SolidWorks (we currently have three seats of SolidWorks). It allows us to perform all aspects of design work accurately and more efficiently than conventional packages. With SolidWorks we can supply accurate 3D models that clearly show the client the layout and principle of operation of our equipment. If required we use rapid protyping methods to test out parts or products to ensure suitability. SolidWorks was recently used in the design analysis of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Robotic Arms.

Machine Building

Carefull attention to detail and use of only the best quality parts ensure our equipment is built to the highest standard possible. All equipment conforms to the European Machinery Directive.

PLC and PC Control

With electrical skills in-house we can achieve the total equipment control package. From control design, panel building, machine wiring and PLC/PC programming we build on our commitment to deliver the best solution. Extensive experience has being gained through providing a varying range of customer preferred components.

Vision Systems

Using Cognex vision systems enables our equipment to check the quality of parts being assembled/ manufactured. The Cognex Corporation is the world’s leading supplier of machine vision systems.
The main reasons for choosing this vision system supplier :

  1. Vision sensors provide robust industrial grade features as standard.
  2. A variety of standard network and fieldbus protocols including TCP/IP, FTP, Telnet, SMTP (standard) and EtherNet/IP, ModBus/TCP (fieldbus) are supported by the vision system sensors.
  3. Software is user friendly allowing simplified sensor management and flexibility if product changeover is required.


SCADA control allows collection of data from a wide range of devices. All major PLCs are supported and built in OPC capabilities providing access to thousands of third party devices. Robust graphics and advanced alarm management allow you and your operators to know exactly what is happening with your equipment.

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